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19 January 2011 @ 11:47 pm
You need no changes  
Title: You need no changes
Pairing: Tegomasu
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: People can't own other people. Well, except for Johnny Kitagawa-san...
Summary: Tegoshi’s biggest dream is to be with the person he loves the most in the world. He seems to be born of the wrong sex to fulfill this dream but he’s ready to settle that.
A/N: English's not my mother language. Warning for Tegoshi’s slight GID (Gender Identity Disorder).
You need no changes

  Tegoshi slowly stirs his coffee, occasionally sighing. Apart from him and an old man who’s flicking through the newspaper few tables from him, the café is full of couples and families.
At the table on his right two high schoolers are chatting nonstop in a low voice, sitting as close as possible and holding hands. Sometimes the girl laughs, showing her boyfriend a big smile and looking at him with loving eyes. A little further another couple is talking and laughing and the boy has his arm around the girl’s shoulder.
On Tegoshi’s left, a young woman wipes her daughter’s mouth with a napkin. But as soon as the girl takes another bite of her pastry, some cream sticks on her nose again. The father laughs and so does the woman; she puts down the napkin, giving up trying to clean up her daughter while she eats. The child simply smiles at her parents and continues eating.
Tegoshi smiles softly and takes a sip of his coffee. He likes coming to cafés on Saturday morning. There’s a warm atmosphere and he likes seeing all the happy faces. However, it does make him a bit sad. He wishes he could sit there with his loved one too. It’s not unusual for him to find himself daydreaming about what it would be like if he too could walk around town holding hands with his special person. He envies the girls in the café. They can stay with their partners for all the time they want and can kiss them in the daylight.
Tegoshi doesn’t have someone to kiss or hold hands with. He has someone he loves but even if his feelings were returned, their relationship couldn’t be public.

 “Tegoshi?!” Massu exclaims in surprise, standing on the kitchen door.
“Good morning.” Tegoshi smiles and puts the spare key of Massu’s apartment back into his pocket.
Then he notices his friend is wearing only his boxers and blushes. A shiver runs down his spine.
“Good morning. What are you doing here?” Massu asks again. He looks around frenetically and Tegoshi has a bad feeling.
“Is there someone else?” he asks, almost with fear.
“What? No!” Massu shakes his head “Who else do you think there should be?”
“You were looking around like you were expecting someone to come out all of sudden. I thought maybe you had a guest.”
Massu shakes his head again.
“I was just looking for something to wear. I’m not really presentable.” he blushes and Tegoshi laughs “Why would I have a guest, anyway?”
“I don’t know. Maybe a girl had slept over.” Tegoshi says, trying to sound neutral. The simple idea of a girl sleeping with Massu infuriates him.
The other snorts.
“As if…”
He disappears in the direction of his bedroom and comes back a minute later, now wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Tegoshi hides his disappointment.
“You still haven’t told me why you’re here.” Massu says, heading for the kitchen.
“I was having breakfast at a café near here and I saw those pastries you like so much, so I thought I’d bring you one.” Tegoshi answers, showing a small bag.
Massu’s mouth opens in a wide smile.
“Thank you!” he says, taking the bag and opening it.
Tegoshi smiles at him, his heart warmed by seeing the other happy.
“Do you want something to drink?” Massu asks, his back facing Tegoshi as he puts water into the kettle to make tea.
“Maybe a glass of water. I’ve had a coffee earlier.”
“Ok.” Massu replies.
“Hey,” he adds as he puts the glass in front of Tegoshi “did you have something to do this morning?”
The younger man gives him an interrogative look.
“No, why?”
“Well, it’s just nine thirty and you’ve already been to a café for breakfast. You must have got up early today. It’s unusual to see you up this early on Saturday, especially since we have a day off.”
Tegoshi laughs innocently.
“I just wanted to have breakfast somewhere nice today. And besides I didn’t go out last night so I went to bed early. But how about you? Had you just woken up?”
Massu nods.
“I was going to the kitchen to drink a glass of water before getting dressed when I heard you enter.”
“Now that’s strange.”
“What is?”
“You waking up this late.” Tegoshi teases.
Massu childishly sticks out his tongue.
“I went to dinner with some of my high school friends yesterday and they kept me out until 1.30 in the morning. So I overslept.”
“Wow, it’s rare to keep you out that late.”
“It had been a while since I had last seen them.”
“Or maybe there was some girl you were interested in.” Tegoshi teases again. Joking his the only way he can use to learn about Massu’s love life without sounding too interested.
“There you go again.” Massu snorts “What’s all this talking about girls today?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“Yeah, sure.” Massu sits down in front of his friend, a cup of tea in one hand and a plate with the pastry in the other “Are you concerned about my love life?”
“You don’t really have a love life.” Tegoshi teases once more.
“Just because I don’t talk to you about it.” Massu teases too.
“You never go out with girls!”
“Then why did you ask me if there was a girl I was interested in yesterday?”
Tegoshi can’t find a proper answer and just stares at the other with his mouth half-open. Massu smirks, taking a bite of his pastry.
“Well, you still haven’t a love life!” Tegoshi grumbles after a bit.
“Maybe I’m waiting for the right person.” Massu smiles.
“And what kind of person would that be?”
“This isn’t an interview, Tegoshi. I don’t actually have an ideal girl. There’s no need to have one. It’s not like we’ll really fall in love and marry the type of girl we describe in magazines.”
“I definitely won’t…” Tegoshi murmurs in a low voice, so that Massu can’t hear him.
“What did you say?”
“Oh, nothing. Is your pastry good?”
Massu smiles widely.
“That’s a good!”
“By the way, are you busy today?”
“No, I’m not.” Tegoshi shakes his head.
“Good! Let’s go somewhere!”
Now it’s Tegoshi’s turn to smile widely. A day spent with Massu is a great prospect.
“Where?” he asks.
“Wherever you want. You can decide, since you brought me this.” Massu smiles, taking the last bite of his pastry.
“Ok, let’s go shopping!” Tegoshi exclaims. He knows Massu will like the idea too.
And indeed the older boy is more than happy.

 “I’ll take this too. Oh, and look at this shirt! I’ll try it on too!”
Massu looks at Tegoshi wide-eyed and shakes his head. He’s been shopping with Tegoshi many, many times but it still surprises him. Unlike him, Tegoshi shops on a whim. He sees something nice, he tries it on just to make sure the size is right and he buys it without a second thought. Just like now. He’s already carrying two shirts, a pair of jeans and a sweater. He noticed the sweater as soon as they stepped into the shop and immediately grabbed it to try it on. Then, as he was walking towards the fitting rooms, he picked up the other items of clothes, because they “looked nice”.
“Massu? Are you coming?”
Massu, previously lost in thought, shakes his head and turns to Tegoshi, noticing they’ve already reached the fitting rooms. Tegoshi’s looking expectantly at him, holding the door of a fitting room open with a hand.
“What is it?” Massu asks.
“I don’t want to stand like this forever. Are you coming in anytime soon?” the other says.
“What? Me?”
Tegoshi gives him a look.
“No, I was thinking to ask the shop assistant to come in with me.” he snorts.
“Why do I have to come in too?” Massu asks, confused.
“It’s big enough for both of us. And this way I don’t have to come out to show you every item I try on.”
Massu is about to reply but Tegoshi loses his patience and grabs his arm, dragging him inside.
“I still don’t get why I have to be here too. You’re going to buy these clothes anyway, so why would you need my opinion?” Massu whines.
“Because Massu’s opinion is important for me.” Tegoshi smirks, starting to take off his shirt.
The other just sighs. Meanwhile Tegoshi undresses slowly and in a slightly provocative manner but Massu doesn’t seem to notice. Actually he doesn’t watch Tegoshi much, since he doesn’t think it’s very nice to stare at others while they undress.
“What about these?” Tegoshi asks when he’s put on the jeans and a shirt.
“They suit you.” Massu smiles.
Tegoshi smiles and turns around to show Massu all of his perfect body.
Once he’s tried on everything, they exit and take another look around the shop. Massu follows behind Tegoshi and he doesn’t really pay attention to where they’re going until he notices where the other has led him.
“Tegoshi, why are we in the women’s section?”
“Just to take a look.” Tegoshi simply answers, without turning to him and looking at some blouses.
“And why are looking at women’s clothes?”
“Can’t I?”
“That’s not it. But I don’t see why you want to look here. Do you need a present for someone?”
“No. Hey, wouldn’t I look good with this?” Tegoshi turns to Massu, a pink blouse in his hands.
Massu’s first thought is to nod, because it’s a nice blouse. Then he blinks, and remembers it’s supposed to be an item of clothes for women and Tegoshi most definitely isn’t a woman.
Still, the blouse would suit him perfectly.
“Well… It… Itwouldsuityou.” he finally lets out, speaking quickly and in a low voice so that maybe Tegoshi won’t hear this embarrassing comment.
“What did you say?” Tegoshi asks with a naughty smile.
Massu breathes in before replying.
“I said it would suit you… if you were a girl.”
Tegoshi’s smile falls at the last sentence. He doesn’t say anything, puts down the blouse and passes past Massu, heading for the counter. Massu looks at his back, confused. He doesn’t get Tegoshi’s reaction at all.
When he reaches him where he’s queuing at the counter, the younger boy doesn’t even give him a glance. Massu calls him and obtains no reply. He sighs, and reaches for his wallet in his pocket, because he’s always the one paying with Tegoshi.
But the other turns to him with an expression that shows no emotions.
“Stop.” he simply says.
Massu blinks and gives him an interrogative look and Tegoshi nods to the wallet.
“I’ll pay.”
Now Massu looks at him wide-eyed.
“I don’t need a boy paying for me. I’m not a girl, remember?” Tegoshi says and the other one could swear he sounds disappointed.
Massu doesn’t say anything more. He’ll talk to Tegoshi when they’re in a more intimate place.
The younger man pays and heads for the exit, walking ahead of the other. Massu speeds up his pace and reaches him, grabbing his elbow to make him stop. Tegoshi turns, almost glaring, and tries to get free but Massu steps on his side and links arms with him.
“What do you want?”
“What happened? Why are you so angry all of a sudden?”
“I am not angry.” Tegoshi hisses between his teeth, trying to free his arm again.
Massu’s grip strengthens. He stops and grabs Tegoshi’s shoulder with his free hand so that they’re face to face.
“Now you tell me what got into you.”
“Nothing. Nothing at all. And now if you don’t mind letting go of me, I’d like to go home.”
“Home? But we’ve been out for less than an hour…”
“Well, I’m not the mood anymore.” Tegoshi says, his voice slightly higher and harsher.
Massu sighs and lets go of him.
“Ok. I’ll take you home.”
“I don’t want to bother you.” the other replies and turns away. But Massu stops him again.
“No. I’ll take you home.” he firmly says “If you don’t want to tell me what’s your problem or if you don’t want to continue shopping, it’s ok. But I’m not letting you go home alone. I took you here and I’ll take you back home because it’s good manners. And I’m your friend so I’m not leaving you alone.”
Tegoshi wants to reply he doesn’t care about Massu’s good manners or his sense of honor but he knows it would be pointless. So he sighs and starts walking in the direction of the parking lot. The older boy sighs too. He wonders what got into his friend all of a sudden and has the unpleasant feeling that it is his fault. Still, he doesn’t understand why.

 “Thank you for taking me home. I’m sorry for bothering you.” Tegoshi bows and Massu thinks this is way too formal for him.
“Tegoshi, what are you saying? You never bother me!”
The other doesn’t reply. He slightly bows his head and steps into his apartment, closing the door before Massu can say or do anything else.
He leans his back against the door and lets himself slide down until he’s sitting on the floor. He can feel Massu’s still on the other side of the door, staring at the spot where he was standing till some seconds ago.
He tries not to think about it. He knows Massu will leave after a while. He won’t ring the bell or shout his name to get him to open the door or do any of the annoying things people would usually do in this kind of situation. He’ll simply stay where he is and then go home. He’ll let some hours pass and then he’ll call Tegoshi on the phone. And Tegoshi knows he will pick up because he’s already missing Massu’s voice and he won’t let opportunity to hear it go. Tegoshi curses himself for his weakness when it comes to Massu.
He stays where he is for some minutes; then he stands up and switch on the light, taking off his shoes.
He reaches his bedroom and let himself fall down on the bed, arms open on each side of his body. He stares at the ceiling, then turns to his left side and curls up. In front of him there’s the nightstand. Tegoshi stretches out his hands to grab the brochure on it. On the front page a beautiful girl is smiling seductively, winking. Above her, the catchphrase Tegoshi already knows by heart: “Let your body become what your heart already is”. He flicks through the pages and sees other smiling girls. On each photo there is the word “after” and near it another photo with the word “before”. All the photos with the latter word show unhappy boys.
Tegoshi turns on his back again, his arms now resting on his chest, his grip on the brochure tightening. He imagines himself as one of the people in the photos. He imagines entering that clinic and coming out as a beautiful girl. Massu would be waiting for him – her – and he would open his eyes wide in surprise, before smiling and running to reach him. He would take him between his arms, lift him from the ground and make him spin around. Tegoshi would laugh and tell him to stop, holding the back of his skirt to prevent it from lifting and showing his bare skin. Then Massu would gently put him down again and he would kiss him passionately. They would walk around the streets hand in hand and Massu would take him to his apartment. He would grab his hand again and accompany him to the bedroom and gently push him to lie on the bed. He would kiss him, first softly and then with passion, undressing him and discovering his new body. He would tell him he’s beautiful and make him feel like a real woman.
He imagines spending the rest of his life with Massu. Behind his eyelids he sees Massu’s proposal, the diamond ring he’d give him, the day of their wedding. He sees Massu carry him between his arms and step into their new house, both of them still wearing their wedding clothes.
His imagination crosses the limits of physics and nature. He imagines himself running into Massu’s arms and telling him he’s pregnant. He sees the other’s wide smile, his tears of joy, his voice saying that it’s a miracle, that he’s the happiest man in the world and that he loves Tegoshi. He imagines the two of them in the delivery room, Massu’s holding his hand tightly and telling him he’s doing great. He imagines their daughter’s face, so similar to Massu’s. He can see their whole life together.
Tegoshi slowly falls asleep, these happy images still lingering behind his closed eyes. A lonely tear falls down on his check.

 At seven o’clock in the evening, Tegoshi’s phone rings. He picks up immediately, without even looking at the caller’s ID.
“Hi, Tegoshi. It’s me.” Massu greets with a slightly worried tone.
“How are you?”
“I’m fine, thanks.”
“Well, that’s a relief.”
Massu then remains silent for a while before speaking again.
“Have you already eaten?” he asks.
“No. I’m not really hungry.”
“Really? Did you eat a lot for lunch?”
Tegoshi shakes his head. Then he remembers Massu can’t see him.
“No, actually I didn’t have lunch. I slept till 4 in the afternoon.”
“What? You’ve not eaten anything since this breakfast? But that’s no good!”
“I didn’t really feel like eating…”
He hears Massu’s snort of disapproval.
“You have to eat a proper dinner now!”
Tegoshi thinks about his almost empty cupboards. He should have at least a cup of instant noodles.
“Yeah, sure. I’ll eat something later.”
“Okay… Well… I just wanted to make sure you were fine…”
“I am.” Tegoshi lies.
But he can feel Massu’s concern.
“Ehm, okay… I guess I’ll hang up now, you seem a bit busy… Be sure to eat and rest properly, okay?”
“Yeah, sure. I will.”
“Then I’ll see you at work on Monday.”
“Sure. See you there.”
Tegoshi hangs up. He already misses Massu’s voice but he has to be strong. And anyway he’ll see him soon. They will even have a photoshoot. This means he’ll have to smile and laugh and act like it’s all fine with the staff and his band-mates but at least he’ll be close to Massu when they take the photos.

 “Tegoshi?” Yamapi asks in bewilderment.
“Yes?” the younger boy replies innocently, fluttering his unusually long eyelashes.
Yamapi eyes at the other’s dress and make-up.
“What are you wearing?”
“Well, the photographers said we should come up with some original ideas for the photoshoot and I found this nice dress between the costumes…”
“Umm… Well, I think wearing women’s clothes is more of a habit than something original for you.” NEWS’ leader laughs “But the fans love it so good work!”
Tegoshi gives him a big smile and turns away, making his skirt twirl.
When the photoshoot is over and they return to their dressing room, NEWS’ conversation topic is Tegoshi’s current attire.
“How long are you going to continue this cross-dressing? You’re twenty-three!”
Tegoshi simply sticks out his tongue at Shige.
“But he’s beautiful!” Koyama exclaims for the umpteenth time “And he and Massu make such a cute couple! Fans will love this photoshoot!”
“They’ll go crazy on it. The photographer took more photos of them than of Pi!” Ryo butts in and Yamapi laughs.
“Well, Tegomasu are known for being a cute couple. Fans expect nothing less.”
Tegoshi smiles at these remarks and turns to Massu, who still hasn’t said anything. The older boy smiles back at him and shrugs, a little amused by the conversation.
“But you know Tegoshi, you sometimes scare me.” Yamapi says to him jokingly “When I saw you earlier I thought you were a girl!”
Tegoshi just smiles at him again.
“Don’t be so happy!” Shige scolds “You’re a male idol. You’re supposed to be a boy and make girls fall in love with you.”
“But Tegoshi is a boy!” Koyama again cuts in to defend the youngest member, passing an arm around his shoulder “Don’t be jealous because he looks good in both in men’s and women’s clothes while you don’t.”
Everybody laughs except Shige, who pouts.
“Yeah, right. And besides there’s no need to worry. It’s not like Tegoshi is or will even be a girl. He’s got that little something en plus down there.” Ryo adds, pointing in the vague direction of Tegoshi’s lower abdomen.
He, Yamapi, Koyama and Shige laugh again and Massu simply smiles at the naughty allusion. But Tegoshi’s smile falls instantly and he looks coldly at his band-mates.
When they notice they stop laughing and Koyama gently asks him what’s wrong.
“Why do you need to remind me every time? I know I’m not a girl, I can see it myself! I don’t need you always pointing it out!” Tegoshi shouts with anger, his eyes teary, before storming out of the room.
The other boys look at each other helplessly. Thirty seconds later Massu runs out of the room too.

 He finds Tegoshi in the costumes room, where he always hides when something is wrong.
The younger boy doesn’t even look up when the other enters. Massu gently closes the door and locks it so that no one will find Tegoshi until he’s ready to come out again. He reaches is friend, who’s sitting on the floor near some clothes hangers, and sits down near him. But he doesn’t speak, waiting patiently.
Tegoshi speaks up after some minutes.
“Why? It’s not like it’s my fault!”
The other passes an arm around his shoulders.
“They were just joking, Tegoshi. They didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“But they always say that. Every time I dress like this, they point out I’m not a girl. I know, damn it!”
“Tegoshi, please, calm down. We know you know. Nishikido-kun was just joking because you seem to like cross-dressing so much and you look so good you could be mistaken for a real girl.”
“Well, I’m sorry I’m not a girl!” Tegoshi shouts, pushing Massu’s arms away as he quickly stands up.
Massu looks at him wide-eyed and slightly scared.
“I’m sorry,” he says “I can’t understand what the problem is…”
“I’ve noticed that.” the other hisses.
“Then tell me please. I want to help you.”
“I don’t need help. And you wouldn’t understand.”
“Because you don’t know what I feel. And if you knew, you’d probably hate me!”
“What are you saying? I could never hate you!”
Massu raises his arm and tries to grab Tegoshi’s but the latter withdraws and turns, walking to the other side of the room. The older boy is about to get up and reach him but then he notices Tegoshi has dropped something; a small booklet is now lying on the floor. He picks it up and turns it to look at the front page. His eyes open wide.
“Tegoshi, what is this?” he asks slowly, not looking up.
Tegoshi, who had his back to him, reluctantly turns.
“What?” he asks, annoyed. Then he sees what’s in his friend’s hands and fear overtakes him.
He rushes to Massu and snatches the booklet from his hands. He scrunches it up and he’s about to walk away again. But Massu grabs his arm and pulls him close again and looks at him in the eyes.
“What’s that, Tegoshi?”
“Nothing. Nothing of your business, anyway.” the other relies, glancing down. Massu’s grip gets stronger.
“Tegoshi!” he replies firmly, voice slightly higher, and Tegoshi has to look up again “Why?”
“Because I’m fed up!” Tegoshi shouts “I don’t want to be like this!”
“Like this how?”
“Like I am now.” Tegoshi points at his body “I’m tired of playing this part. I’m not a womanizer like people think idols are. I want to be free. I’m tired of having to fake smiles because I’m working. I’m tired of people’s comments when I dress as a girl. I like dressing like this!” he continues shouting, his eyes becoming teary and his voice shaking “If I were a girl, everything would be fine! My wishes would become true!”
Massu takes the booklet from his hands and throws it away.
“You don’t need this crap.” he says, grabbing Tegoshi’s shoulders “You don’t need these people deceiving you with fake dreams. You can fulfill your own with your own strength. And with mine, if you want.”
Tegoshi looks at him, slightly surprised.
“Whatever your wishes are, I’m always here to help you and make them come true. There nothing you could do as a girl that you can’t do as a boy too.”
“I can’t have children.” Tegoshi blurts out.
“You’d want children, right?”
“I…” Massu, starts, confused “I… Maybe, sometime… But what does it have to do with me?”
“It has everything to do with you!” the younger boy raises his voice again “I can’t be the kind of girl you like!”
Massu’s eyes open wide once again. Tegoshi immediately regrets what he’s said. “That’s the end of our relationship”, he thinks.
But Massu doesn’t push him away or hit him or insult him like he expected. Instead, he pulls Tegoshi closer, between his arms, pressing him tight against his chest. Tegoshi instinctively buries his head in Massu’s neck and his hands grab the other’s shirt on his back.
“I don’t like any type of girl. You’re the only person I like.” Massu whispers.
And now it’s Tegoshi's turn to open his eyes widely. But Massu doesn’t give him time to reply. He pushes Tegoshi away just enough to reach the latter’s lips with his own.
Tegoshi’s melts and kisses back passionately, finding in Massu’s lips a peacefulness he’s never experienced. World could end right now and he would be fine.
Massu’s savoring his lips like he has all the time in the world – and actually, alone with Tegoshi in that locked room, he does. He kisses him with passion and with gentleness and it’s a million times better than any of Tegoshi’s dreams. His hands run all along Tegoshi’s body, like he’s marking it as his own property.
When the need of air forces them to pull away, Massu leans his forehead against Tegoshi’s and look at him in the eyes.
“I love you.” he says.
Tegoshi’s heart starts beating even faster than it already was and Tegoshi smiles the first real smile since two days ago.
“I love you too.” he says out loud, before claiming Massu’s lips again.
This time, they both kiss with more passion and Massu slowly starts to push him towards the couch. Tegoshi doesn’t notice until the back of his legs bumps against it and when he falls down on it he feels a rush of excitement down his spine. Massu’s lips don’t leave his even for a second as the man positions himself on top of Tegoshi. Meanwhile, the latter grabs the hem of Massu’s shirt and pulls it up and they have to interrupt the contact for the few seconds it takes Tegoshi to take the shirt off and throw it away. He looks at Massu’s muscular body and blushes, shivering with excitement. He buries his head in Massu’s neck again and starts kissing his bare skin. The older boy starts undressing him too, freeing his lover from dress he’s still wearing.
When Tegoshi's lying underneath him with only his boxers, Massu takes a minute to admire his perfect body.
“You're beautiful.” he whispers on Tegoshi’s lips.
“I could be a beautiful girl.” the other tries but Massu shakes his head with a soft smile.
“No, you're beautiful just as you are. I don't want you any different. You're a beautiful man. And I love you.”
Tegoshi smiles and kisses him again to hide the tear of joy that’s streaming down his cheek.


I've finally finished it!! Yay!! ^o^
I kind of got the idea from Tegomasu's appearance on Kiseki Taiken because Tegoshi really seemed like a girl on that show (obviously in a very good way, since he and Massu make such a good couple!! *fangirls*).
The GID had nothing to do with that appearance but it was some time I wanted to write on this topic...though actually I don't even know if this in the fic can be called GID... 
Of course I don't want to offend anyone who might have GID!
That said, I hope you liked it!! ^^

今のどこ: My bedroom
今の気分: sleepysleepy
mocoharuma: tegomass2mocoharuma on January 19th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
thanks for sharing your cute fanfic, I enjoyed reading it.
恵理香: newsislovekumiko_yamapi on January 20th, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it!
I'm the one saying thanks!! ^-^
erikaoierikaoi on January 19th, 2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
So sweet,got bit angst but I love the ending.
恵理香: newsislovekumiko_yamapi on January 20th, 2011 05:48 am (UTC)
Happy you like the ending!
Thank you for reading and commenting!! ^-^
Kimtylika on January 20th, 2011 08:42 am (UTC)
so beautiful, I'll probably read it twice today XD wish there was more fics like these for some reason, oh well can't just stop loving Tegoshi! because he is cute when he's crossdressing.
恵理香: newsislovekumiko_yamapi on January 20th, 2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it to the point of reading it twice! XD
Tegoshi's lovely anytime but when he's crossdressing he's just too cute...
Thank you for reading and commenting!! ^-^
fancyann1974fancyann1974 on January 22nd, 2011 04:06 pm (UTC)
aaahhhh so wonderful, glad that massu made all tegoshis wishes come true
thank you so much for sharing
恵理香kumiko_yamapi on January 23rd, 2011 10:55 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm sure Massu could fulfill all of Tegoshi's dreams...
Thank you for reading and commenting!! ^-^