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Konnichiwa minna-san!!! ^-^ I'm a 18 years old Italian girl who loves Japan and J-Pop. I'm in love with Johnny's Entertainment boys and my favourite group is NEWS. I like listening to music, going out and chatting with friends, reading, shopping.
I read quite a lot of fanfictions. I write too and I also sub Japanese videos. I'm not perfect at either of these things but you can only improve by practicing, right? ^_-

I don't lock my posts because I think it's pointless. If I sub a video and share it, it's not for my personal pleasure but for other fans so I don't find it right to force them to add me only to view my entries.
Anyway, this does not mean you can do whatever you want with my subs. There are 2 simple RULES:
- CREDIT me if you share anything (linking back to the original entry would be nice too)
- DON'T upload to streaming sites. If you really really need to upload my videos somewhere (although I don't know why you'd need to), at least ask me first. (Sometimes I might share raw videos. Those is okay to upload.)
Translating to other languages is totally fine (and it actually makes me happy^^), as usual with credits.
And since I've seen a couple of my subbed clips re-uploaded let's say this: I don't really mind since people are polite and credit me but please, next time ask me first, ok? I don't bite! XD

I'm totally fine with people adding me (and happy about it) and I'm willing to add back. Often, though, I check you have at least written a comment in my journal, simply because if you added me there must be something you found interesting in my entries, right?

That said, a thank you to whoever bothered to read all of this and I hope we'll get along well!! (^o^)V

Mata ne~

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